5 CES Products for Your “I Want This So Bad, But Do I Need It List”

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The whirlwind of CES has finally settled down, and we’ve found some of the best products to put on your “I Want This So Bad, But Do I Need It List”.

Not only are they innovatively genius, but you can actually apply these products to real life. Well, maybe just a few. Most of these products are novelties, but you’ll want them anyway. Even with their pretty price tags.

CES is the annual trade show hosted by Consumer Technology Association for all things consumer technology. It is a global stage for all innovators and tech break through which happens once a year in January.


  • Imagine living a cordless life. Ahhh, just the sound of it makes our skin tingle. In today’s world of endless cords, Wi-Charge wants to revolutionize the charging scene. Wi-Charge believes mobile devices are not truly mobile if they require a power cord. The long-range wireless system sends power to your device wherever it is in the room with no cords or charging mats to think about. Approval from the FDA, means it’s safe to use and will soon be seen on the market. Happy charging everyone!
  • Check this product out at http://www.wi-charge.com/ 
Photo Credit:  https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/wi-charge-in-room-wireless-charging-approved-fda/


  • Beauty lovers unite! Or those who just want silky soft skin and will do anything, and we mean anything, to achieve those goals. HiMirror could (hopefully) be the answer to all your skin problems. This CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree must-have is a voice interactive smart mirror capable of offering personalized skincare based on the assessments its takes of your face. HiMirror helps you assess your skin’s condition including fine lines, clarity, dark spots, and pores so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem spots.
  • Check this product out at https://www.himirror.com/us_en/home
Photo Credit: https://techcrunch.com/2016/10/13/himirror/


  • Missing your pumpkin spice latte? Don’t you worry. With Capsulier’s easy breezy CAPSI system, you can custom make your coffee pods for any kind of drink you want! Capsulier is every coffee maker’s dream for its compatibility with personal coffee makers like Keurig, easy interface, and reusable pods. Need that hot cup o’ joe, but can’t make it out of bed? Pair your Google Home or other smart speaker and make your coffee from the comfort of your bed. CAPSI, Capsulier’s pods, are steel for easy cleanup and an environmental touch. So, go ahead, make a pumpkin spice latte all day every day.
  • Check this product out at https://www.capsulier.com/
Photo Credit: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home/capsulier-home-coffee-capsule-machine/


  • In the age of technology where nothing seems private, Aura introduces a security system that will make you feel safe and secure, even when you’re not in the privacy of your own home. With no installation other than plugging the Aura Beacons into an outlet, the system provides hassle free set up for even more ease of mind. Aura will monitor your home 24/7 and make sure your notified of any activity, while also learning to differentiate a fan from a person from a pet. Aura can cover your entire home or just the rooms where you want some extra security, it’s all up to you! Stay up to date with the app for easy monitoring.
  • Check this product out at https://www.aurahome.com/

Photo Credit: https://www.therecord.com/news-story/7048187-waterloo-startup-unveils-high-tech-home-security-system-at-las-vegas-show/

The Wall

  • Throw your TV away everyone. It’s time to install…The Wall. Just like its name, The Wall is probably what you think it is. With the thought, “Screens should not be limited by size…instead, they should blend into any home”, Jonghee Han, president of Samsung, sees the value of integrating aesthetics and technology. With a screen of 146 inches, the behemoth can easily take over one wall within any room. Have a smaller wall you want to fill? The system can be fitted to any size with its modular structure and let any consumer create their dream screen. While you can’t purchase The Wall now, Samsung intends to commercialize the product, so be on the lookout for it in the near future.
  • Photo Credit: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/01/samsungs-the-wall-tv-is-a-modular-146-inch-monster-that-uses-microled/

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