FLIRT’s 9 Challenges

There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than with a little bit of friendly competition. Over the past two weeks we, the interns, have created and filmed “FLIRT’s 9 Challenges.” FLIRTie’s had to compete head-to-head in highly competitive office challenges. There were clear winners and losers and unfortunately not everyone was able to walk away with their head held high. This video not only contains moments of fame and glory, but instances of heartbreak and betrayal. Listed below is an in depth description of the challenges as well as the outcomes:

#1 Trash Can Hoops

Trash Can Basketball is not only a good way to kill time in the office, it’s a great way to go head-to-head with the person in the cubicle next to you. Pete Burns and Jamie Proctor faced off in what seemed to be a very balanced match up. The outcome was very different than expected. Jamie not only won, she blew Pete out of the water. Maybe next time Pete.

#2 Whats Different?

This challenge requires ultimate focus and an extreme attention to detail. The challengers, Lynda Franco and Fran Marciano, had to enter the open space for 30 seconds and observe every little detail about the room. Once they left we quickly altered the room in 3 different ways and had them re-enter. They each had 30 seconds to discover the three changes. You would think Lynda, being the office manager, would walk away with an easy victory, but unfortunately for her things didn’t go as planned. Lynda ultimately lost, going 1 for 3. Fran never looked back and went 3 for 3, with time left on the clock.

#3 Office Organize Challenge 

The Office Organization Challenge was one for the books. The two lucky contestants, Brianna Kozlarek and Andy Flanagan, had 30 seconds to place all the miscellaneous items within the bowl into their appropriate location in the kitchen. What should have been a friendly competition between two coworkers quickly turned into a battle full of lies and deception. At first glance it looked like Brianna took home the victory with only 2 items left in the bowl, opposed to Andy’s 3. We later found that she had put the mustard in the incorrect spot. A tie? I think not… We did some further digging and discovered that Andy had also attempted to trick us and put the rubber glove in the wrong place as well, thus forfeiting the win.

#4 Pencil Flip

The Pencil Flip seems simple, yet when put in action it is one of the harder challenges. All you need to do is bounce the pencil, using the eraser, into the bowl. Easy enough. Pete Burns and Francie Flanagan had the task of bouncing as many pencils in their specific bowl as possible within 30 seconds. It was close at the start, but Pete quickly found his technique and ran away with the W. A much needed win for Pete after his embarrassing loss to Jamie in Trash Can Hoops.

#5 Package Retrieval

The interns, Abbey Mazur and George Loftin, went head to head in the Package Retrieval Challenge. This was one of the more physical challenges and ended up being a nail biter. Simultaneously Abbey and George had to race to the loading dock to retrieve a package and race it back to the office. First person back wins, simple. Abbey strategically decided to take the elevator while George went for the stairs. They were practically tied running to the finish line, but Abbey took the situation into her own hands and pushed George to the floor to secure the win. Dirty play may have been the deciding factor, but a W is always a W.

#6 Balloon Balance

Balancing 3 balloons at once without holding them at any point is extremely difficult. Kari McGlinnen and Norma Smith faced off and the results were not what we expected. Both challengers struggled immensely with the task, so much so that it was hard to even determine a winner. The challenge was exceptionally entertaining even despite the outcome being a tie.

#7 Phone Transfer

The Phone Transfer Challenge was FLIRT’s attempt of recreating David versus Goliath. The challengers received a call from a random employee and was prompted to transfer the call to another employee as fast as possible. Whoever’s faster wins. George Loftin was put up against the Phone Transfer Goddess, Lynda Franco. It was a very accurate interpretation of David versus Goliath, but in this version Goliath crushed David in a matter of seconds. Lynda with the W.

#8 Coffee Tasting

If there is one thing to know about FLIRTies is that we drink a lot of coffee. Some might saw coffee is our forte. Our contestants, Brianna Kozlarek and Francie Flanagan, had 3 cups of different Starbucks Keurig coffee and they had to determine which coffee matched with the different K Cups. Going into the challenge Brianna was thought to be the underdog, but went 3-3 securing a win. Francie unfortunately lost going only 1-3.

#9 How to make a FLIRTini

Creating a FLIRTini is very delicate art. We placed all the alcohol and mixers we had in the office on the table and Norma Smith and Kari McGlinnen each had 30 seconds to pick out the 7 ingredients that make up a FLIRTini. Kari McGlinnen came very close only mixing up two of the ingredients. Norma on the other hand took a very different approach and picked only the alcoholic options. Kari might have won, but Norma is probably going to having so much more fun after these FLIRTinis.

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The 9 lives of an Event Coordinator

In honor of FLIRT’s 9th birthday we will be talking about the 9 lives of an event coordinator. The life of an event coordinator or production manager is not a simple stroll through the park. The days are long, but the nights even longer. It is highly challenging and highly rewarding. You need to be constantly expecting the unexpected, because just about anything is possible within the production world (ask us about the fishbowl story sometime). We asked FLIRT’s in house producers the following question: What are the 9 things you couldn’t live without when on the job? Their answers might surprise you! See below:


#1 Phone/Portable Charger

You might say that the smartphone is the right arm of an event producer. Texts, calls, emails, zooming in on an updated floor plan – it takes a lot of battery when you’re running a show.  An event producer always has a second and third back up plan, so a portable charger and backup battery is always close by.


#2 Coffee

Some might call this the key ingredient to our success. When on-site there is no time to lay around and soak up the sun. You need to be constantly on the move and energized even if you’ve failed to get any sleep the night before. Coffee is the production manager’s fuel and afternoon coffee runs are the key to their hearts.


#3 Show Book

Digital or hardcopy, having a well-organized show book is key to putting on a successful event. The book contains anything and everything you need to know about the event. From the rehearsal schedule, contact list, security schedule, floor plan, event schedule, and everything else in between, the Show Book is where to find it.

#4 PA Kit

Now the PA Kit is nothing to mess around with. The Show Book might have all the information you need, but the PA Kit has everything you might need and more (including twizzlers). The PA Kit not only has the necessary equipment for the event but also contains a makeup kit, safety kit, and not one but two office supply kits. The PA Kit is kind of a big deal.

#5 Gum/Mints

Having plenty of gum or mints at the event is critical not only for yourself but for the people around you. We mentioned how much event producers love coffee right?  Gum and mints, my friends, gum and mints.

#6 Comfortable Shoes

When you’re on site you don’t have the luxury to walk on comfortable carpets and rugs like at the office. Nope, you’re walking on thick warehouse concrete all day every day and easily clocking 20,000 steps on your Fitbit.  That is why having a pair of comfortable shoes is not just a suggestion it’s a necessity.

#7 Zen Meditation

The life of a production manager can be very overwhelming at times, especially during an event. Taking even 5 quick minutes to center and refocus keeps you refreshed and destressed. Our favorite meditation app? Headspace!

#8 Fitbit (Step Counter)

Is having a Fitbit really a necessity for production managers? We say YES, especially if you want to join in on a friendly competition with friends and co-workers. On-site you’re constantly on the move running from place to place, so why not document all steps you take? You’d be surprised how quickly they add up (see: wear comfortable shoes).  And once you see those numbers add up, it’s a great excuse to try out the local delishes in your event town

#9 Sense of Humor

Maintaining your sense of humor is hands down the most important. This is an easy one, because we love what we do! When there’s a last minute change or something goes awry (which it will at some point) keeping a sense of humor is important for yourself, but also all the people working with or around you.

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5 Inspiration Hacks to being more Creative

We’ve all been there, staring at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen without a clue of how to tap into your inner creativity. Sure, thinking outside the box seems simple enough, but when the possibilities seem unlimited, it’s hard to know where to begin. When it comes to imaginative projects, inspiration is key. Lucky for you, we’ve got the top 5 hacks to finding the best inspiration that will boost your creativity.

#1 StumbleUpon

Creativity often comes when you least expect it, and if you’ve got time to kill (i.e your project doesn’t have a fast approaching deadline), this website is the perfect place to start. StumbleUpon works by introducing you to random websites that fit your interest. These sites can feature anything from photography and design to science and math. Once you’ve filtered your search to a specific category, simply press the stumble button, sit back, and enjoy as you browse through a plethora of websites that are suited to inspire and encourage discovery.

#2 Pinterest

Believe it or not Pinterest has a lot more to offer than just wedding mood boards and “mom crafts”. It’s an excellent resource for all things DIY, artistic, and creative. Use key words to search through dozens of articles and tutorials posted by local artists, self-taught crafters and even expertise businesses. Better yet, save your findings in categorized folders for future projects.

#3 Behance

There’s no denying that hobbyists and bloggers can teach you a thing or two, but if you want to learn from the best, Behance is the website for you. Behance features the top photographers, artists, and designers who are breaking new ground in their industry. It showcases innovative portfolio pieces from a variety of mediums to inspire experimentation and curate popular creative trends. Behance users can interact on the site by following their favorite artists, liking posts, and even contributing their own work (once the creative block is conquered).

#4 Instructables

Creative inspiration comes a lot easier once you’ve expanded your skills and hand-on abilities. That’s where the website Instructables comes in. This site boosts creativity through DIY tutorials that show you how to make everything from anything. Whether it’s a glass bottle chandelier, a paper doll house, or homemade biscuits, Instructables has tutorials it all. Search for specific ideas or browse through their endless feed of projects to find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

#5 Designspiration

Like Instagram for all things design, this website is great resource for finding visual inspiration. If your creative block is partnered with a dash of boredom, then Designspiration is a great place to start. The feed features a wide variety of design work all in one feed, so it’s an invaluable resource for finding photographic, illustrative, and stylistic inspiration.

Photo Credit: Designspiration, Instructables, Pinterest, StumbleUpon

FLIRTcasting: Planet of the Apps

Reality TV shows just seem to never go away. You can now make a reality TV series about anything you want and it’s almost a guarantee that someone will watch it. This got us thinking…there’s actually a pretty interesting parallel between Reality TV and one of our favorite subjects: Apps. (Stay with us on this one). If you think about it, Reality TV and Apps actually have a lot in common. Neither have many restrictions or limits. They are both conversation starters and don’t show any sign of slowing down. FLIRT is of course all about App news, since it’s an award winning offering of ours, and some of our staff members definitely would say Reality TV is their guilty pleasure (although they may wish to remain anonymous 🙂 )

Interestingly enough, Apple has combined both of these seemingly different worlds as they recently announced their new TV show, “Planet of the Apps,” where celebrities judge developers on their apps. It’s basically the app version of “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to the “sharks” and the sharks decide whether or not they would like to invest in the idea. People watch the show for different reasons, whether it be strictly for entertainment or whether they are thinking of their own entrepreneurial endeavors, but whatever the case may be it seems that people can’t get enough and Apple wants a slice of the pie.

Planet of the Apps will differ from Shark tank in the sense that instead of the typical elevator pitch developers and entrepreneurs will have to make an escalator pitch where they have to pitch their idea on an actual escalator. They will be pitching their ideas to celebrity judges such as Gwyneth Paltrow,, and Jessica Alba for potential funding by the celebrity as well as prime real estate within the Apple Store. The show not only judges apps; it COMES with an app where viewers can be interactive during the show and swipe left or right depending on whether the app sounds promising or not. The show will even be released in the Apple Store. This is one we’ll definitely be tuning in for. So what do you think? Over reality TV? App’d out? Already DVR’d it? Let us know in the comments!

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Planet of the Apps

Escalator Pitch


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